Wow! Thanks to all our friends for your votes and comments for the The Dorados Rockabilly Trio as they try to do the impossible and beat the hip-hop and indie genre to become MTV’s Artist of the week this week. Voting is good until 9PM EST (NYC time) on Friday 8/24/12, so remember my motto, vote early, vote often.

You can vote HERE and vote for Los Dorados and follow the action down to the wire. Now say to yourself, Go Dorados Go Go! Go Dorados Go Go! to the melody of Johnny B Goode and your rockabilly transformation will be complete.

Now in case you think I’ve become nothing more than a shrill shill for MTV and my buddies Los Dorados, here is a cool video for you that’s been tearing up the You Tube bandwidth.

I had a brief convo with Doug Ratner (yes, that Doug) of Doug Ratner and the Watchmen who are from the Springfield Mass. area today and he told me the video is really opening some door for these guys, who up until now have mostly just toured the New England area. Look for that to change real soon as their video “Bomb in the Backseat” is closing in on 40,000 views.

Be sure and check out their other straight ahead rock-n-roll music on their new EP out on itunes HERE as well.

Congrats Doug. Hope the momentum keeps up buddy.

Now, what are you waiting for, get out there and vote.. and vote, and vote some more.


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