The Russian twins (the super dedicated & talented Punk Outlaw interns who aren’t really twins or even related, but are always together) and I have been busy since my trip to Eastern Europe working on putting together some video segments for you guys. If you indulge me by pretending you read this blog religiously, then recall I had a bit of a false start when visiting Serbia, the second country on my 4 country tour (Hungary, Serbia, Romania & Ukraine) of Eastern Europe last month. My plans to feature the musical stylings of the gifted up and coming punk band UPS! fell through at the last second.

Concrete Worms in action

Thankfully, I made contact with the very cool cats from “Concrete Worm” which wins the distinction of one of my all time favorite punk band names. If you missed the entry (shame on you), read about it HERE.

As soon as I met the guys in downtown Belgrade for the interview I took an instant liking to them.

Serbia remains one of my favorite travel destinations in no small part because of the very cool people who didn’t let a little thing like global politics and my particular general ignorance of their very complicated history stand in the way of being anything short of incredibly nice and hugely hospitable.

I hope to go back soon and get an even better picture of the punk scene in Serbia and other countries in the Balkan region.

In the meantime, check out what the guys from Concrete Worms (damn that name is awesome) had to say including the oft asked question, “what the hell is a concrete worm?”.

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