Here is a long awaited video I promised a few weeks back from one of the bands at the Underworld Club in Bucharest, Romania. If you missed the coverage of the other bands, then check the post HERE.

From what I understand, Nuggers are pretty new, but they sound like they been playing together for years. Here is Nuggers! Let me know what you think.

You already know you can order some Punk Outlaw Shirts and Free Cuba Punk shirts from our online store HERE.

Well, I want to add to the roster but but before I pump some more dinero into this venture, I’d love to get your feedback first.

Let me know if there is anything you would like for us to get and customize to offer our viewers and for our travels. We are thinking of using this site called Quality Logo which offer all kinds of promotional products. Punk Outlaw Sippies, Punk Outlaw Beer Coolies, Punk Outlaw Stress Balls.. you name it. hmmm…Punk Outlaw stress balls.. I like it.. I need it!

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