The long awaited article on Colombian punk is out at Remezcla. You can check it HERE. Yes, it’s little long but highly entertaining if I say so myself (self depreciating laugh inserted here).

What’s that you say? You are more of a visual person?  Yes, I know, all those words can be headache inducing.

So for all you who’d rather see a moving image or most likely, cause I know you are a smart bunch (except for the occasional idiots who post and we hopefully have run off.. which I have a theory is just one idiot posting under different names from time to time) and are probably dying for MORE INFORMATION after reading the article from beginning to end 2 or 3 times, then I’ve included a couple of the videos referenced in the article below.

Also, some pretty cool Colombian punk photos beyond the extensive collection that we have on our FLIKR PAGE can be found at our buddy’s Facebook page HERE.

Enjoy your Colombian punk experience Parceros (thta’s Medellin speak for “friends”)… Oh and feel free to comment at Remzcla and tell them how great, smart and funny we are. Or if you are one of the aforementioned idiots (reinsert self depreciating laugh again… wait for it……. ok here), then go ahead, tell them the opposite. Dammit Fidel, that pesky freedom of expression stuff keeps tripping us up!



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