You know, I love it when people comment on the site. Even if it’s critical. Why? Well it’s simple, that means people are reading/viewing. It’s much more fun to read comments than to analyze some Google Analytics.

But every now and then I get a comment so inconceivably dumb and misguided, I have to call the person out. This is such a case.

This is from Mike.
How f**king immoral? How do you define a predator & con artist? What kind of exploitative low-life puts a link to an online poker gambling site on a web site targeted at hispanic teens and young adults? You show yourself to be a very deviant, greedy, contemptous person.

Now I think what Mike is referring to is a link in one of my post that went to a gambling web site. Those sites are annoying, I don’t gamble, so I just ignore them. But since they offered to pay me $150 to put it in and since I NEVER make any money from this site (all that travel ain’t free) I did it. To be honest I thought it was probably a scam offer but they came through with the $ so, me being an honorable businessman did my part. YES, I, the owner, author and financier of this site, did it. Hell yeah, Fuck yeah and I’d do it again Mike you sissy boy pussy.

More importantly, and maybe its not clear by the fucking name of this site, but this is a a punk music blog. PUNK….. Fucking…… MUSIC Mike (or is it really Margaret?)! I should not have to explain that considering the name is PUNK OUTLAW. What? You wanted rainbows, gummy drops and unicorns from a site named PUNK MOTHERFUCKING OUTLAW?!

I should also not have to explain that PUNK MUSIC is not targeted to anybody, least of all Hispanic Teens. It’s music for anyone to enjoy. Hispanic teens and old white geezers like me.

What it is, is dangerous music with lyrics that deal with a lot of “sins” like Drinking, Drugs, Sex, Gambling and Profanity among many others. Oh and injustice and brutality… like the kind Wall Street unleashed on the world economy in 2008. Like Fidel Castro unleashes on his own citizens daily, bla, bla, bla. You want to get angry about something, get angry about something that matters like that Mike. Stop wasting everyone’s time with some bullshit that “don’t mean a thing”.

Here is my comment to Mike (or Crazy Marge, whom I suspect actually authored this comment). It’s a little more harsh than normal and does feature profanity, so Hispanic teens (and all others with delicate sensibilities) cover your ears and eyes.

Your comment reminds me of the NOFX song “Separate the Church and Skate”… look up the lyrics.

Hey Mike (or is it Marge?) what naive, dumb ass would ever think this is a PUNK FUCKING MUSIC blog targeted to “young, impressionable” Hispanic teens? What if thy were black? Would that make it better or worse? Or Asian or white? Have you ever spoken to an Hispanic “Teen” in your life? You think they are just a bunch of dumb asses who can’t think for themselves and you gotta tell them what’s right or wrong?

It bears repeating.. THIS IS A FUCKING PUNK MUSIC SITE.. you might notice by the constant references to punk music. Now, if you do your research, you might also notice that punk music is sort of dangerous and sometimes very, very ugly. So there might be some references to not only gambling, but alcohol, drugs, sex, and shield your ears, there may be some profanity on this site, like this one “Fuck you…It’s life”. GG Allin used to shit on the stage and then throw feces at his audience… Iggy Pop cut himself. What the fuck do you think this is, Sesame Street?

ALL THAT SAID, the main point is – I write this blog, I produce this blog, I PAY for this blog and this being a free country I’ll say what the fuck I want.

Geez, how naive can you be you fucking douche clown. Go listen to some Lady Fucking Gaga and call that punk music you dumb fuck. “Ignorance… more dangerous than a gun in the hand” SOCIAL DISTORTION

Now get the fuck out of here and don’t come back until you’ve grown a some pubic hair.


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