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I catch news in bits and pieces and have learned to take news coverage with a grain of salt. Not only is it typically slanted, but usually exaggerated. Yes, after too many years in the media biz, I’ve grown cynical.

But it turns out with Hurricane Sandy, the stories are coming out, old school style, which is to say over a period of days, due to electrical outages and phone, cell and wi-fi services being down in much of the New York City area still. And the news isn’t good.

People died. Houses and business demolished and many people are actually hungry and thirsty, cold and wet, without electricity.

I typically give my donations to the world’s needier places and people and I still think that’s the best strategy.

But in this case, NYC is my old home, and I love it and I have so many good friends there, friends I can’t get in touch with… and I realize so many people have been affected, that I’m actually going to donate to the Hurricane Relief there.

If you are so moved as well.. here is a link to make a donation to THE RED CROSS and if you also happen to be a travel addict like myself, you’ll actually get some Frequent Flier miles in the process of doing something good. And you know it’s sort of a punk rock thing to do too (the helping others part, not the miles).


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