Our final installment on Girl Punk Power and we thought we’d stretch genres to include rockabilly. I know you may be thinking “what kind of burlesque/pinup queen is Punk Outlaw going to feature now?”

Ah ha! So you think you know us? Well just when you think we’re going to ZIG… we ZAAAG!

Instead of the burlesque or pin up route, we’re giving a little love to the all girl Rockabilly band “Danger*Cakes” from that musical mecca, Austin, Texas.

Danger*Cakes fuses different elements of rockabilly, soul, jazz and blues for  a genre of  music that they call “Swing-Punk” “Neo-Soul” and “Psycho-Jazz”. Not sure what that means exactly? Me either.

But these ladies are heading out on tour later this year so look for them performing live and see for yourself. For now I’ll just call it some fearless female Rockabilly fuzed with some jazz for a whole lot of fun.

Danger*Cakes – Yes purist, they have play standup bass!

It surprised me to find out that Danger*Cakes has only been around for a year yet already have a release out on local Austin label Deep Eddy Records and their first cd is available HERE. Did I mention that they are also planning their first tour next month, so look for them at a city near you soon. Oh, I did didn’t I? OK, well now you’ve been warned twice so no excuses.

Dangercakes’ CD Cover

So until you get a chance to see them live, you can check them out at their band page HERE and on their FACEBOOK PAGE and enjoy the video from these lovely Texas rockabilly ladies below.



I was inspired to do some kind of tribute to the ladies of punk by Russia’s Pussy Riot who risked and got serious jail time for standing up to Putin and Malala Yousafzai, the brave 14 year old Pakistani girl brutally shot in the head by the big, brave Taliban (who I sense just really need to get laid, really, really badly).  Malala was shot for expressing her desire that girls should have the same right to education as Pakistani boys.

How dare her? I hear she is recovering nicely and for whatever they are worth, our best wishes go out to her, her family and all brave young girls across the world still fighting for what should be the most basic of rights.

For some reason, I’ve seen a rash of domestic violence cases against women in the newspapers lately that has me quiet nauseated.  From Hal Quin, a former high ranking NFL Executive & now Dallas Soccer Team Exec who decided a trip to NYC was a good time to allegedly pummel his wife (yet, she neglected to press charges).

To the poor young lady in the Lower East Side of NYC who was literally butchered to death by  knives used to actually butcher livestock by her ex-boyfriend Raul Barrera. I guess Raul decided if he couldn’t have her, no one would and she would suffer like an animal in the process. He left her barely clinging to life, hopelessly dying in a pool of blood in one of the most horrific cases of domestic violence I’ve ever heard of.

They say Raul was off his meds, the excuse used by anyone who commits a crime of any magnitude this day. Not to downplay the seriousness of depression and mental illness, but if it’s used as a crutch to brutally slaughter people, I have no sympathy.  If he wasn’t so delusional that he picked on an another big hulking guy, NFL Linebacker or MMA fighter.

I always notice so many of the “mentally ill” or bullies on the streets of NYC never f’cked with me or guys in general, they always f’d with girls or old ladies they could easily handle. Maybe some of them (certainly not all) are not so delusional after all?

Raul was not one of these poor on the streets souls anyway. He was a PR Executive. Rot in hell Raul.

Unfortunately domestic violence is typically a 2 way sickness. One person has to say enough. Otherwise, it will continue and someone very well may die.

It pisses me off to no end. There is almost nothing that makes me want to kick someone’s ass than a man beating a women, or an adult abusing a child, or anyone in power abusing someone less in power.

I hate liars, I hate thieves, but I hate cowards the most. And the world is full of cowards, I assure you. But there are different degrees of cowards. Some abuse animals, some children, some spouses, some complete strangers. Some abuse physically, others emotionally and others (bankers, con men, etc.) are just sociopaths. Most are harmless, all are spineless.

They DRAG ME DOWN and I’m sick of it. As Mike Ness/Social Distortion quotes in his song “Winners & Losers” – “We’re good and we’re evil, which one will you be today?”. I like to think I don’t have the capability to hit a woman, child or someone weaker than me. But I know, in my heart of hearts, I’ve done people wrong in other ways on occasion and for that I deeply apologize. We all, male or female, are guilty, I assume and I wonder/doubt if there is any way around that, assuming we live long enough.

 I’ve put together just a few of the blogs we’ve posted over the last couple of years featuring some females who, in their own way, I think are pretty damned kick ass, just by doing what they do.

Sophia – Perm, Russia

Sophia – Perm, Russia

Insurgentas – Medellin, Colombia

Insurgentas (Insurgents) – Medellin, Colombia

Maria – Moscow, Russia

Maria Moscow, Russia

Shakey Sue – Budapest, Hungary

Shakey Sue (Hellfreaks) – Budapest, Hungary

Miss Nentini –  Los Angeles, California (USA)

Nentini – Los Angeles, California


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