Raizing Hell

It seems like forever, but just 4 months ago I was in Bucharest, Romania. It was middle of their summer (ours too come to think of it) and it was H-O-T and humid…and probably a little deserted as many folks usually head to the Black Sea for summer holiday.

But what the hell did I know, it was my first time in Romania and as far as I could tell the place was bumping. I really liked Romania. It had an edge to it. A Latin feeling of slightly disorganized chaos, but within the confounds of a very organized society. Probably a left over of the old communist days way back before 1989 when long hair and blue jeans were illegal, but the trains probably ran on time.

It truly was a mix of cultures and I would need much more time and travel there to begin to even offer anything other than first impressions of it.

“Just Another Lie”

But as far as the punk scene in Bucharest, the capital city, I did feel I got a decent snapshot of the emerging scene simply by hanging out at the Underworld, pretty much the only punk club around owned by Molotov Cocktail front man and former CBGBs sound man, Gabby.

Here, is a little video segment the Russians and I put together for your viewing pleasure featuring interviews with “Raizing Hell”, “Just Another Lie” and Gabby from “Underworld” and “Molotov Cocktail”. Enjoy.

Oh and congratulation to the Russians, they just got promoted. They are no longer interns. They are really climbing that corporate ladder now and living the American dream. ha, ha. Congrats guys.

Degrees of Freedom

And if you get a chance, check out their metal/hardcore band D.O.F. (Degrees of Freedom), something they know a little about. I’ve seen them play live. Metal is not my thing usually but these guys are pretty damned good.


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