Have you ever noticed how every now and then you will rediscover a song that you had heard before but hadn’t gone nuts over initially? Then suddenly, weeks, months or sometimes even years later, you stumble across it again and this time it gets embedded in your conscious and you just have to listen to it over and over again… maybe even add it to your top 10, 50 or 100 of all time songs or something?

To me it feels a little like a metaphor for love or a relationship actually, I find these “rediscovered” songs often grab me the most, at least over the long term. Many times with a song that I instantly fell in love with on the 1st or 2nd listen,  a few days, weeks or a month or so later, I’ll end up discarding them to the “every now and then” bin and more often than not, skipping the song after it pops up in shuffle on the ipod.

These songs I like initially are sometimes just bubble gum and it was all surface stuff I fell in love with, nothing really long term there and just as quickly, I’ll stop listening. Just like a relationship when you get to that 2nd level and you find the the things you liked the most about that person (song) you thought you dug so much, suddenly annoy the hell out of you and you need to get away before you say something rude or just end up being callous and cruel.

Dorados’ Felipe Ossa with a young Colombian Elvis fan

Then there are songs like this one from Colombia’s Dorados Rockabilly Trio’s “Conflicto de Espacio  Blanco” (White Space Conflict) a collection of 6 songs we put out earlier this year via Punk Outlaw Records.

I’m not a huge rockabilly fanatic personally, I mean I like it, but I don’t love, love, love it like most rockabilly cats. But I DO like it and I DO get a good kick out of it. It’s very listenable music, especially live.

However, when I hear Dorados I tend to LOVE rockabilly suddenly. Something in the music, makes me want to throw away all inhibition and dance a silly dance and not give one iota about who sees me.

Especially, when I hear this “rediscovered gem”, which had been “with me all along”, “Little Baby”. Maybe I didn’t connect so powerfully initially because it takes a little patience to get through the intro.

I mean I like the intro, a lot. It makes the song, but in this day and age of quick, snap judgements and remote controls, and short, tight songs, I guess I may have clicked Fast Forward to “next” before “Little Baby” got completely up and running to it’s finger popping, bootie shaking rhythms, which now, I can’t get out of my head.

I envision even the most hardcore hip hop/R&B/Blues fan digging this song along with Rockabilly fanatics and any of the plethora of other type of music fans. But then again, maybe I’m just obsessed.

I can’t seem to get enough of “Little Baby”. But maybe it’s just me? “Little Baby”, I’m sorry I ignored you early on. You have me now, so please, please, please… don’t break my heart.



We’re casting a rockabilly vixen for Dorados Rockabilly Trio “Diamond Girl”. Most of the video is shot, but we need the following:
– Vintage Motorbikes and / or Vintage Hot-rods
– Cool Rockabilly gal that wants to dance & star as “Diamond Girl”.
– Some rockabilly guys & gals as extras
– Cool location

If your in the Los Angeles area and know someone interested in participating, please comment or email us at info@punkoutlawrecords.com and we’ll be in touch.

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