Big ups and big thanks to the folks at Concierge Questionnaire for the little profile on our film “Punktology…The Worldwide Power of Punk Music”.

They asked me to name a few films that inspired my love of travel and I listed NOFX “Backstage Passport” and the “Transiberian” with Woody Harrelson (not a great or a classic but a really good, not too overly commercial film that really has me craving a Transiberian railway adventure real soon).

If you missed the article you can check it out HERE.

And if you are one of the 0.005% of the people on this blog that haven’t seen the segment we produced on NOFX way back in 2008, that did sort of kick things off for both the documentary and this blog, then here it is. As for me, I could just watch it over and over and relive the agony over and over and over. Stay tuned and as soon as I find some time I’ll chart our behind the scenes adventure with NOFX in producing this little piece of film history and you’ll understand what I mean.

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