“Punktology  Vol. 1 – Free Cuba Now” gets a little love from Profane Existence. Read the review HERE.


And remember, 25% of our profits go to help CubaSkate and…..So far, no profits… (Sad Face icon should go here) But  (happy face icon insert here) we’re getting closer.

Get your copy on I-tunes, Amazon  (New links) or CD Baby.

We’re not giving up until Fidel gives up and dies already so no worries. And I’m sending a over a few of our soon to be famous excrement colored Punk Outlaw Hats on the next shipment with Cuba Skate.

PO Hat 3

As a reminder why we did this, and for all our new viewers, below is the video we shot in Cuba a couple year’s back which illustrates the lack of free speech and oppression Cuban punks undergo on this island paradise so charming that most people barely have enough to eat, can’t travel, speak freely, watch media outside of the U.S., have access to uncensored internet or media or in the case of the punks, dress any way they want without harassment form the PO-Lice. F*&k Fidel (and Raul too).

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