Black Punk Outlaw Hats are sooooo 2011. Just in time for spring 2013 are the lovely excrement colored Punk Outlaw hats and we just got a whole sh*&load of them.

Punk Outlaw Hat 2

Don’t let the pic fool ya.. the hat is brown.. UPS/Ugly brown.

Yes, I channeled my college summer job as a UPS employee in the sorting & loading dock (one of the top 5 hardest jobs I ever had, I kid you not… #1? Roofing.. in July.. in the south.. with no water and no training) and ordered some brown Punk Outlaw hats.

I know you want one. Well, send us $10 and we’ll send you one out in the mail today. No shipping, no nothing. I don’t care where you live, if you want one, we’ll send you one ’til they are all gone.  Just shoot me an email or comment here and tell me where you want that hat sent.

Wear it with a brown Dickey’s button shirt and utility pants and pretty soon people will be asking you take their packages or start asking you mundane questions about shipping & handling

PO Hat 3

This is the color under good light.. See brown, God-awful ugly, brown.

Brown.. Don’t laugh.. it’s the new black.




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