I don’t know much about the rockabilly scene in Phoenix, AZ but I stumbled upon this band “The Devil’s Daughter” on my twitter page which I update sporadically and get in the occasional “debate” with another twitter loser (you can follow me HERE).

I saw this video and thought to my sleep deprived brain “hmmm that is quiet different”.


Tell me what you think rockabilly enthusiasts… I was expecting some hater comments but didn’t see many on their you tube page. I mean after all these ladies are attractive and talented. Usually someone pops off with a “not really rockabilly” comment by now.. but lets see..

– Stand up bass (check)

– Retro sound (check)

– Retro look (Check)

– Shitty DIY video (uhhhhmmmm not check.. this video is pretty damned good).

I’m going to Phoenix soon (of course I am.. why wouldn’t I since I’m criss-crossing the U.S.A. working my a$$ off – next stop Texas BTW) and am afraid I won’t have time to do much other than the TV business at hand which involves begging a TV station to pikc up my “Raw Travel”…but maybe, just maybe I’ll have time to do a little interview for this here little ole’ blog or the Punktology documentary.

We’ll see. If not, it appears they’ll be playing Viva Las Vegas 2013, so maybe we can do something there.

In the meantime, check these guys out with their video “Pass That Bottle”.

Let me know what you think.

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