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Disappointed in the treatment 60 Minutes gave this story. It’s obvious Leslie Stahl doesn’t understand a damn thing about the punk philosophy. How could she?

Is Pussy Riot really punk? I mean besides the shitty music they play.

Well despite the fact that they knew they were probably going to labor camp or jail, they still stood up for what they believed in and used whatever platform they could to get the world to notice. Pretty punk to me. Pretty brave too.

I wish I believed in something strongly enough to go to jail or die for. Like the Cubans I interviewed in Havana, Cuba who got carted off to jail for talking to me (Check that HERE or the video below) .

Or the time we were in Moscow at Red Square and some slime ball loser from what used to be the KGB came up to us and asked us what we were filming. That blog post can be accessed HERE if you missed them.

Freedom of speech.. it’s a human right we’re born with whether it’s granted by governments or not..  and it applies to everyone on the planet no matter where they live…and it’s worth fighting for.


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