Yeah, I’m swamped but that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking of you. I just don’t feel like writing after 12 hours days and traveling like crazy. In fact, I can’t even sleep, much less write. But I can read and look at pics (it helps me sleep), so if you’re suffering from insomnia like me these days, check the following out:

record collector news

1) Great Article on the state of the music biz these days

It’s called “Break Even.. Or Die Trying” by in the Record Collector News Magazine I happened to pick up the other day at the used bookstore in Santa Monica (how is that that they will sell me anything but they won’t even buy back books that I bought from there in the first place for a fraction of the original price I paid?). I don’t get it. But that is another post for another time. This article was so spot on, I had to share it with you guys. Check it out HERE

2) Gotta Love LA 

When your book-keeper is named Nicole the Bookie (not my actual bookie, I don’t gamble… though I will throw a casino link in these blogs every now and then for the $150-200 they throw me… so little innocent kiddies, beware) and digs punk rock then you know your in a good punk rock town. She was kind enough to shoot over some pics from the recent Bad Religion/Vandals show the other night which I, of course, completely missed due to my ridiculous schedule.

Enjoy some of Nicole’s pics below. Thanks Nicole!







3)  DMTR gets a new look  

And Finally, our buddies from Quito, Ecuador, DMTR have got themselves a new logo. I dig it. Do you?



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