HOLLYWOOD: The big Orgy concert at Whiskey A Go Go was scheduled for Monday night. I had to fly out Tuesday morning at some ungodly hour. What to do? Go see my boys (AKA and formerly “The Russian Interns”) open up for them and then go home. Tickets were $20 and I’d only get to see the opening act? Well, my friends, that is what friends are for and I wanted to show some love to my buddies from Moscow, Degrees of Freedom.  


Before Doors Open On Famous Sunset Strip

But this ain’t about what a great and selfless guy I am (I am of course), it’s about how I, a non fan of “nu-metal” “death metal” or any kind of “metal” other than silver and gold and maybe a little platinum or nickel every now and then, dug the DOF show.. and lest you think I’m playing favorites (shame on you thinking I’d do such a thing), everyone else seemed to enjoy the show even more (which makes sense considering they were there to see some metal). Once the black attired but solidly polite and behaved crowd realized that 3 of the 5 band members were from Moscow, things were like “ohhhhh, ahhhhhh” how “exotic” and became much more enthusiastic.


But when the guys (2 Russian dudes, a Russian girl and 2 Latinos presumably from Los Angeles) played their tribute to recently passed Def Tones former bassist, Chi Cheng, with really good cover of a Def Tones (from, ironically, Sacramento.. the very city I had to wake up at the crack of dawn to fly to) song that even I recognized but still can’t name, well the crowd really erupted and the rest of the night, DOF had these goth and metal heads (and me included) in the palm of their hard working hands.

couple 2

Moscow Musical Couple

It was my 1st time at Whiskey A Go Go so little did I know I could have brought the good camera gear (but didn’t, so you get the shitty phone pics, sorry), but when I tried a little video, was shut down pretty promptly (but quiet courteously I might add) by the bouncer. But I did get off a few seconds before he shut me down, so you can enjoy the clip below.


I don’t know how the Orgy show was as I elected to get home in an attempt to get some sleep before my trip to Sac town. Yes, I know I’m old, but at least I didn’t complain about how “darned tootin loud these whippersnapper’s concerts are these days”.  I’m not there yet. I’m on my way, but not yet.

Good job DOF. Proud of you guys.

bass hmmm





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