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Raw Travel... the indie show for indie travelers, launches this October in the U.S. We’re independent and want to remain that way.. but independence comes with a price. We must finance our own stuff.  What this means is we are borderline broke all the time as money heads one direction and one direction only… OUT and AWAY (at least at the beginning)  That’s not such a bad thing always. It enforces discipline and requires creativity to approach challenges and situations.

In this case, our music budget is non existent. I hate canned, library music. I also was inspired to produce “Raw Travel” in part because of the plethora of clueless shows on the air showcasing a destination like Brazil with a soundtrack of salsa music, displaying the producers’ ignorance of the very culture they were attempting to enlighten upon others. I vowed from Day 1 any show I produced would NEVER do that.


Luckily, we already invested in a pretty extensive library of original music when we first started producing the show, but we’d like to add to it.

Now, I know this is a punk blog (hence the name “Punk Outlaw”) and thus punks worldwide are reading this, but please punks, understand, while I love punk music and the punk aesthetic and philosophy will be on full display throughout the show… that is not the type of music we are looking for at this time. That musical need will mostly be filled by punk, ska, reggae, rockabilly, psychobilly and yes, even hip hop (non commercial, socially conscious of course) or any other type of music that fits the show’s independent thinker, citizen of the world theme, when we feature bands & artists from the different destinations we visit.


What we specifically are in need of now is more of a “world music” or “ambient” vibe. Artists that are weaving some of their local flavor into their music and can create tracks that reflect a particular destination or mood. Ideally, we don’t want vocals, only musical tracks (the music generally will be played underneath voice over / narration).

What does the artists get out of this?

1) Publishing – If you are a member of a publishing rights organization (ASCAP or BMI here in the U.S.) depending on how big and successful the show is (how many markets, how long it airs, etc.) you will get royalties over time from the TV channels who pay the rights organizations every time your music is played. If you don’t have a publishing agreement we may be able to set you up through Punk Outlaw Publishing.

2) Exposure – The thing everybody is clamoring for when they fill my inbox with free music tracks, videos, pitches for stories etc. for this small but dedicated blog. Imagine Punk Outlaw being about a thousand or more times more powerful and you get the picture of the exposure a hit TV show can bring.  We want to turn the world on to talented, independent musicians, that is why we began Punk Outlaw Records (certainly not for the $). This is another way to turn people on to talented artists.

If we like your music and choose to use it in the show, we’ll be featuring the artists from the show on our soon to be relaunched website at www.RawTravel.tv on a special Raw Travel Music page. That page will be aggressively promoted on the show and will feature the artists bios, links to artists web pages (facebook, bandcamp, etc.) and can link to any music you may have for sell. You will also get a credit in the show of course.

Down the road, our goal is to put together a collection of the best music used for “Raw Travel” and offer it as a compilation CD or digital release and promote it on TV.

Everything is on a case by case basis at this stage and determined on our need and the fit of your music with the show.

Free music for a TV show in exchange for royalties & exposure ? It’s not for every artist and every artist is not a fit for the show.

But if you think you are a fit, then leave a comment for me with your email and we can get started with the process of evaluating your music and get you details about the technical aspects, etc.

Our destinations (in addition to the ones already produced) for Season 1 are North & Central America including the following Mexico (Mexico City & Yucatan), Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Belize and in the U.S. Oregon, Utah, New Mexico & Louisiana.

Music indigenous to these regions are our highest priority at the moment. Bands in these destinations feel free to hit me up for potential coverage as well as we begin our travels in June/July.

Season 2 is Southeast Asia & Eastern Europe. Season 3.. we’ll we haven’t really planned that far ahead yet but I’m feeling Africa, Turkey & Parts of Russia plus Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan including all of the “…stans”.

If you want to find out more about Raw Travel, be sure and like us on our facebook pageand follow us on twitter and stay tuned.  It’s going to be a wild and ridiculously fun ride. Actually… it already is.








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