Some folks will argue that Punk music has no business being promoted, it should be so anti-commerce or capitalistic that people should just stumble upon the music and listen for free, while the artists, gets nothing in return but love and admiration. Others will note that the artists can’t feed him or her self on this love and admiration and the artists should be making music with the sole purpose of making as much money as possible.

I fall somewhere in between. Artists should be able to make a living if they can but music is at its best when a higher purpose other than to make a buck is at heart.

It’s a philosophical discussion I prefer to have over a couple of beers. So in the meantime, we’ve cranked out a few more :30 promos to air inside of Raw Travel which launches this fall as the first punk inspired travel show. An independent travel show, independently financed and produced with mostly blood, sweat and tears…. and oh yeah, good old fashioned greenbacks. Nothing is free my friends. sad, but so very true.

I don’t think it gets any more punk rock than this, but then again, who am I to say ? I’m so sleep deprived, tired and stressed out, I don’t really care what anyone thinks anymore. Here are some promos.

Enjoy or don’t… but know this.. more are on the way.

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