Overwhelming. That is the feeling of arriving in Mexico City late on a Friday night, dumping luggage at a flea-bag, roach infested hotel and promptly heading to a punk/psychobilly show to watch your buddies, Normandie Blue play a show that you’ve both been talking about for over a year now.

Then the very next day, up early after only 4 hours or so of sleep, upgrading hotels, then off to the El Chopo Flea Market, one of the most legendary and long running (30+ years) underground flea markets in the world. El Chopo only happens on Saturdays and it probably has more tattoos, piercings and underground, goth, metal, punk, rockabilly, psychobilly, you name it underground music genre per square foot than anywhere in the world. It’s crowded and insane and wonderful. While there we finally got to meet and interview our new buddies from Las Pipas Garage Band who filled us in on their psychodelic punk sound and influences. Look for more from them coming up soon here.

Later that night a 5.8 earthquake rocked and swayed our hotel and scared the hell out of us all. Evidently no big deal here but I was regretting being on the top floor for about 20  or 30 seconds that was for sure.. and then some Moctezuma’s Revenge (Food Poisoning).. laying me low..but hey, it’s Mexico. I’m still glad to be here… and we’re just getting started.

So here are a few pics to tide you over until I can get some video and a better description of how things went. Enjoy!

GRACIAS AMIGOS: A big up and thank you to the guys from Las Pipas, Alex from Normandie Blue and his buddies and hookups Armando, Vaselina, Alejandro (Pina) Ruiz Cano, Vanessa and so many more who helped us out while in DF that I can’t possibly name them all.  Mexico City punks.. worth the wait. Gracias Por Todo!

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