Stresssssssssseeddddd ddaaaaa fucckkkk ouutttttt muchachos.. this is a crazy life I have.. all the drama, all the bs of a globetrotting gattabaout and none of the $ or people to help me do all the details… I don’t know man. I should just take a desk job somewhere and try to be happy.. I just.. can’t.. do.. it! you know what I’m talking about don’t you?

Las Pipas

Las Pipas

Come Friday, all that stress will hopefully be in the rear view as we’ll be in Mexico City con mi amgios Normandie Blue who are going to show me around the legendary El Chopo.

and we’re going to hook up with the psychadelic punkadelic band Las Pipas… these guys are a trip.. you gotta give them a listen.

New EP "Jugo Cerebral" (Brain Game)

New EP “Jugo Cerebral” (Brain Game)

They have a new EP and the 4 tracks are absolutely must listen… Reminescent of the early punk from Peru “Los Saicos” (remember we wrote about them being quiet possibly the 1st punk band in Latin America or even the world?). Missed it, get it HERE.

We gonna hear Las Pipas live and find out what they have to say this weekend IF I can survive this week. So stay tuned.

In the meantime, check out their excellent EP HERE.

and their video below. More where that came from HERE.

hang on.. Las Pipas and more coming soon.

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