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Remember our little article way back in 2011 about the band “Los Saicos” where we suggested Lima, Peru might actually be the birthplace of Punk? You don’t? OK, here it is HERE.

Now it seems someone has or is in the process of creating a mini documentary about this very subject to which I say long overdue.


The real story here is not, I believe, is Los Saicos the originators of punk. Of course they are not. They had a punk-ish sound and as one of the guy’s suggest, they were proto-punk and definitely pioneering at the time but to be true punk, not 100% there. But then again, we get into that age old debate of who was? Was it the Ramones? Sex Pistols? bla, bla, bla, bla… arrgghhhh.

The real story I think is how a band in Peru that was only around for a couple of years in the 1960’s could have been rediscovered with such fanfare in the 2000s and remain so influential. It’s an amazing story but one we’re starting to see more and more (“Waiting for Sugarman” has a similar theme). Maybe it’s the internet and facebook and the ability to reconnect with people you’d normally never hear from again.. and it’s both a good and a bad thing.. but when it comes to Los Saicos.. it’s basically a damn good thing.

With Los Saicos Drummer "Pancho" in Lima in 2011

With Los Saicos Drummer “Pancho” in Lima in 2011

These guys deserve every bit of recognition they are getting and their music still kicks ass. “Demolition” with it’s simple, repeating chant to “Tear the Train Station down” is about as punk rock as it gets. So I’ll go ahead and say it for what it’s worth, Los Saicos, if there ever was a punk hall of fame (never will be but just imagine ok?).. you’d have a strong, strong case for being in it.

I’ll leave it at that.

Here is the video. Judge for yourself.

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