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Andres – Los Suziox

As anyone who has followed this blog for any period of time will know.. I love Colombia.. and I particularly love the punk scene in Colombia. The Colombian punk scene is probably the most robust of anywhere in the world.

Now I haven’t made it to Southeast Asia and I hear Indonesia is one hell of a punk paradise, but until I get there (hopefully in 2014), I’m going to go out on a limb and say Colombia’s punks are one of the top 5 most hardcore, loyal bunch in the world. They certainly put the scene in the U.S. to shame.


Well now, Colombia punks are finally going to get some well deserved attention and recognition. This weekend Nov. 2nd & 3rd, will be the debut of “Raw Travel” episode 105 – Bogota, Medellin & Cartagena and tucked into the middle of the Medellin section will be our buddies from Medellin, Los Suziox, who just so happen to also perform the Raw Travel opening theme (an instrumental piece from their song “Armas Silenciosas”).

Now the punks haven’t been so supportive to “Raw Travel” so far… and I get it. Punks don’t owe me a thing and the shows thus far have just touched on the punk movement with DMTR from Ecuador and Anti-Everything from Trinidad… but now that all changes. We’re focusing on the scene itself and I hope my punk amigos will respond, support and let their U.S. friends know about the show.

Bogota Fans

Colombia is a Raw Traveler’s haven and no one and I mean no one, not even my idol Anthony Bourdaine has done this country justice when covering it from a traveler’s perspective.  Well, I’m not sure if we do or not… it was after all our very, very 1st episode and my very, very 1st time on camera as a host. So there are definitely some things I’d love to do over if I could.

But in the end… we tried sincerely to communicate our feelings for Colombia. A land I consider my second home… not just for the natural beauty and no, not even for the robust and powerful punk scene… but for all the very, very friendly and hospitable people who were nothing but kind to me during my 10-11 months or so when I lived there and every trip before and after.

Rob in Bogota - FueraGringo

Colombians have every right to be proud of their country… and yes, they still have plenty of problems with violence, drug running, inequality, corruption and injustice.. but that is where the punk scene comes in.

Though most punks in Colombia seem content to just have a good time… there are those who believe very much in the potential their country is now starting to taste… and many like our good buddies “Los Suxioz” consider it their responsibility to sing powerful lyrics about it.

I hope travel can help, and I hope in some small way, our episode this weekend (and the following weekend when we travel through rural Colombia)  can help.

And you my friend, my dear loyal readers can help if you will… please view and share the video below anywhere and whenever you can. From the bottom of my independent producer’s heart… I sincerely thank you. Mil Gracias Amigos!


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