Destory DC

So much anger in the U.S. these days. Could it be we’ve been pampered and spoiled for so long and now that our toys are threatened we are angry?

Nahhh…. my international readers, many of which have never even stepped foot in the “bubble” that is the U.S.

That’s an easy, anti-American answer oft repeated in the media and while there is a grain of truth in some instances (just as there are spoiled, rich, entitled folks in almost every country I’ve ever visited, most of them the exploiters of their fellow countrymen), it’s just not true as a general statement.

Sure there may be some entitled, rich, spoiled folks in this country… probably more in total volume than anywhere else in the world, but the vast majority are hard working, good folks with big hearts.. many of whom are now struggling thanks to a variety of factors.. such as mighty dysfunction in D.C. (hey that’s a good band name!).

You know an even better band name? Destroy D.C., and I’m pretty sure the name alone will get these guys (an actual band from DC.. home of punk legends such as Bad Brands, Henry Rollins, Minor Threat and other punk legends) a listen.

Here is a little taste of the punk, roots & dub sound “Destroy DC”… a pretty good band and an even better idea.



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