This weekend (11/16-11/17) Raw Travel features one of my favorite cities, Buenos Aires Argentina. I’ve been to BA a few times but if you’ll recall this is the city I hit up for a month in 2010 before getting robbed.

Sebastian @ Faith in Galerias Bond Street

Sebastian @ Faith in Galerias Bond Street


But this time in 2011, I had my crew and we had a blast filming this episode because we were able to visit all my old spots like Galeria Bond Street where we hooked up with Sebastian who owns a cool clothing shop called “Faith” as well as some tattoo artists.

@ Mundo Bizarro

@ Mundo Bizarro

Then we stopped by the world famous rockabilly bar of “Mundo Bizarro” where our buddy Pablo hooked us up with some great martinis that he’s famous for.

Salon P 2

And we capped off the night at Salon Pueyrredon, one of the first underground bars I discovered in Buenos Aires and a must stop to hear some good old fashioned punk rock in this legendary city where rock-n-roll still rules the day.

Here’s a little preview for you

Hope you get to tune in. Check HERE for more information and HERE for local listings in the U.S. The rest of the world.. hang loose, it’s coming to you soon!



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