– 1st English Language Release “Russian DemoCrazy” Features Guest Artists Louna, Anti-Flag, Frank Turner & Useless ID –

New York, NY, January 14th, 2014Punk Outlaw Records, modern day punk rock ambassadors are doing their part for international relations. The New York City based record label announced that it has signed legendary punk rock band Tarakany! (Cockroaches) from Moscow, Russia and have just released their first English language debut “Russian DemoCrazy”, now available on i-Tunes, Amazon Music and more.

Several songs from the massive Tarakany! 20+ year catalog have been specifically recorded for English speaking markets. Guests artists on the new release includes members of the well-known punk bands Anti-Flag(U.S.), Useless I.D.(Israel), Frank Turner (U.K.) as well as red-hot Russian metal heads Louna, making this a truly international, collaborative rock-n-roll effort.

Tarakany! are one of the most well-known and longest running punk-rock bands in Russia, no small feat in the largest country in the world where western influenced music, media and fashion were outlawed up until just two years prior to the band’s formation in 1991. Like Russia, the band has seen its share of changes, but Tarakany! stayed true to their roots, performing energetic punk and rock-n-roll in the tradition of bands like The Ramones, Social Distortion, Rancid, and Motorhead and Bad Religion.

“I met Dima, lead singer of Tarakany!, the 1st day of my trip to Russia in late 2010 and was amazed at his work ethic. He dragged me to rehearsal at 10 A.M. Moscow time. What rock band rehearses at 10 A.M.? My rapidly aging, jet lagged body didn’t fully comprehend Tarakany’s talent until weeks after I returned home with a fistful of their CDs and was simply blown away by what I heard” says Robert Rose, founder of Punk Outlaw Records. “The fact that members of well-known bands like Anti-Flag, Frank Turner, Louna and Useless ID are contributing to their English language release is a testament to the respect these guys get. We’re thrilled to be release “Russian DemoCrazy” and turning new audiences on to an excellent rock band like Tarakany!”

For the last 20+ years Tarakany! has toured Russia, Eastern and Western Europe and parts of Asia playing venues ranging from tiny hole-in-the- wall clubs to massive sold out stadiums and popular music festivals in front of tens of thousands of fans. They’ve shared the stage with legendary bands such as NOFX, Toy Dolls, Agnostic Front, Anti-Flag, Misfits, MxPx, Skatalites, MC5, Monster Magnet, Offspring, Exploited, Stranglers and many more. Tarakany! also had the honor of opening for the only Sex Pistols show in Moscow and in Europe and then toured with legendary drummer Marky Ramone of The Ramones.

Tarakany! have released almost a dozen full length studio albums, numerous splits, concert albums and compilations. Tarakany! was Russia’s first punk-rock band to feature music videos shot by some of Russia’s top directors. Select instrumental tracks of Tarakany’s music will be featured in the national TV show “Raw Travel” in new episodes which premiere in the U.S. in February. Visit & for more info.


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