…I do like this song “Be Free” from the Black & Mexican LA based artist, Kemo the Blaxican. 

Yup, this isn’t some commercial crap being spewed by hate and negativity.

Jay Z may be rich but at what cost? The “N” word is common now and women are commonly referred to as “Hos” & “Bitches” while Beyonce (Jay Z’s wife) makes a fine living building up the women he’s just torn down.

Russell Simmons may be a self-proclaimed yogi but he also has a gold toilet. P-dummy is still, well, annoying as hell.

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But Kemo, well Kemo the Blaxican, his stuff is from a whole different angle.  Even the title of his CD, “The Upside Of Struggle” suggest something more thought provoking and yes, I’ll say it, “real”.

For too long, “real” has been the excuse to justify negativity. Nice to see an artist who can be “real” and positive at the same time. They are not mutually exclusive. Life is both good and bad. No need focusing on the bad all the time.

As I said in the title, I don’t generally dig hip hop but I do enjoy Kemo’s music. I thought you might too.

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