I’ve traveled far and wide to bring you the best punk music from the far corners of the earth but this one ranks in the top 10. The guys from ! Kto Chce Co Chce (Do Whatever You Like) in Bratislava, Slovakia spoke little to no English and my Slovakian is even worse.. but speaking the international language of punk, we made it happen.

10418471_724429600928643_805037849920239348_nThey rehearse in an old communist chemical factory now abandoned on the outskirts of town. The complex’s security personnel freaked out completely when they saw our cameras, but after we entered we rolled camera anyway.

On the way out, saw the biggest damned jack rabbit I’ve ever seen in my life. What has that to do with Slovakian punk? Nothing I guess but geez, I had to tell someone about it.

Check them out, these guys really rock! And then go do whatever you like… it’s all good!

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