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The first time I traveled to Serbia in 2012, I was disappointed because I was unable to connect with Darko from the band UPS!  (Stand Against the System!) which I had just signed to Punk Outlaw Records. I was really impressed with UPS! music and wanted to shoot a music video for the guys, but it was not meant to be, and soon after, Darko left the band.

KVAZIMODO from Serbia

KVAZIMODO from Serbia

Well this time around, almost 2 years to the day of my initial visit I returned to Belgrade. Darko is with another band Kvazimodo (Quazimodo in English) and he and his pals from the band took a bus to Belgrade to hang out with me and the Raw Travel crew as we were shooting. Darko and his new band are a laid back bunch and we had an excellent time dodging security as we shot in and around the famous fort.

With Darko & the guys from Kvazimodo

With Darko & the guys from Kvazimodo

I’d like to thank Darko and his pals for coming out and for the killer music they gave us.

You’ll see more of Darko and crew this fall when the new season of Raw Travel hits. In the meantime, sample a little music from his current band Kvazimodo! a their facebook page HERE.


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