Tarakany’s! (Cockroach) 1st English language CD “Russian Democrazy” features a killer track entitled “God & Police” with Chris Barker from Anti-Flag singing along and perhaps not surprisingly, it’s one of my favorites on the entire CD.

All hype and self serving BS aside, Russian Democrazy never gets old being put on repeat on the old ipod and I think the guys did a 1st class job on selecting tracks for their English language debut. If you haven’t heard it yet, you should.



Viewers of Raw Travel get a taste of Tarakany! every few weeks when we’re able to squeeze in a short commercial promoting “Russian Democrazy” and it seems to be working. Last week, I had to restock our CD Baby account as people actually wanted some physical CDs, rather than just a download off of itunes.

Look, I don’t care how you choose to listen so long as you give good music like this a good listen. Russian Democrazy is just too good and Tarakany! too damned legendary of a talent in Russia to not get some love here in the U.S.

Who knows, maybe Obama and Putin can get together and solve the Ukraine crises while listening to a little Russian Democrazy as inspiration?

Hot off the press here is a recent video from Antiflag & Dima from Tarakany performing said track, “God & Police” for an enthusiastic crowed.

IF you like what you see/ hear, help us spread the word about our Russian pals Tarakany! and the cool music they are putting out.

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