Punk Rockers can make it big. Many have. But few have remained as relevant as Billy Idol. Yeah, this guy brought new life to Mony Mony but it’s his original songs, “White Wedding” and “Rebel Yell”, I’ll remember. But before our guy had a big solo career as a generally pop rock musician, my man was a punk with the British Punk band “Generation X”.

He was in NYC last night and I had to make time to see this guy. He’s pushing  60 by my math but man, he looked great up there. Shirt off, strutting his stuff, snarling at the crowd and thanking them for their part in helping him have a “great BLEEPING Life”. There were youngsters and old timers, themselves, looking in their 60s. It was mixed of a crowd as I can remember seeing at a concert. I love NYC.

Here is a short clip of Rebel Yell from last nights show. We’ll see how long it is allowed to stay up.

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