One of my fondest memories and biggest rewards from writing this blog has been meeting different punks and just awesome and interesting people from all over the world. From Cuba to Russia to Mexico, Colombia, Philippines and Peru I’ve met some truly wonderful people and legends in the world of punk music.


Pancho Guevera, the drummer for the Peruvian rock band (and some say the world’s actual 1st punk band) Los Saicos was one of those people. I say “was” because I just received word that Pancho has died. More information on Pancho’s death HERE.

I had heard about Los Saicos before arriving in Peru and had been told that despite Pancho’s legendary status he would gladly meet with me.

I met him at a coffee shop with another pal of his via a local bi-lingual Lima punk who had been guiding me around the punk scene in Peru.

With Los Saicos Drummer "Pancho" in Lima in 2011

With Los Saicos Drummer “Pancho” in Lima in 2011


Pancho didn’t speak much English and my Spanish was pretty laughable but we got along quiet well.  I instantly liked Pancho from the moment I met him. He was a gentle soul, obviously older, but yet punk to the core, I could just tell.

When I wrote my article about Punk rock starting in Peru rather than the UK or the U.S., it stirred a little controversy of course and was picked up (and ripped off?) by other outlets like Vice, etc. The jury is still out whether Los Saicos was the actual first punk rock band or, like the Kinks in the UK or other bands in that era, simply influential in the formation of punk.

It’s not for me to say, but what I will say after meeting Pancho is that he was a really good guy… and 100% punk rocker in his heart.

I’m sad I won’t get to reconnect with him (my goal had been to produce a Raw Travel – Peru episode and have a reunion with Pancho on camera). But I’m very happy to have made his acquaintance and I never forgot about meeting him and never will.

Our Article on Los Saicos for Remezcla Magazine

Our Article on Los Saicos for Remezcla Magazine

I have a good video interview with Pancho that I hope to include in my documentary “Punktology” when I finally get back to working on that again. in the meantime, if you wish to read the article I original wrote on the subject of Peru’s founding of punk music and meeting Pancho, you can read the article HERE. 

Pancho… you will be missed amigo, but gracias for all you contributed not only to punk music but music in general. More importantly thanks for, by all accounts that I can see at see, being a very good human being.

Rest in Peace Amigo.



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