Our Russian pals Tarakany! have been busy with a new video for their song titled “What Can I Change?” Enjoy!

“This is a song about those who, in our opinion, make profit on all wars in the world. It’s about those who, for the sake of their dirty, cruel intentions, are ready to bang peoples’ and nations’ heads and who never stops on this terrible way “, – says Dmitry Spirin, the frontman of Tarakany!  “We do not live in a vacuum, so it often happens the topics for our songs come from the environment. “What can I change?” is not an exception. This is our response and our position to the war in Ukraine (in particular) and any other wars on the planet Earth.”


This song isn’t on there but be sure to check out Tarakanys English language debut “Russian Democrazy” on Punk Outlaw Records. It’s a good one.

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