Back in June of this year (2016) I returned to Cuba for the 2nd (and most likely final) time, having been there in 2009 (read about that trip HERE)

After staying for a few days, we had to leave on Friday morning so we hit Calle G on Thursday night to see if the “Los Freakies” were again out. It being a Thursday night, it was nothing like I had experienced before on a weekend where hundreds of kids were hanging out, but there were a few dozen punks and one of them looked very familiar.

Turned out, and I figured this out ONLY after I returned and was able to compare the footage, he was one of the young punks I had hung out with back in 2009 and neither of us realized it.

If you missed that interview, I’m replaying it here.

If you want to see the new interview, you will have to watch “Raw Travel – Cuba Undercover” (visit

Here is the trailer.

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