Season 8 of Raw Travel premieres October 2020 and despite the pandemic will feature all-new, all-original content from around the world. I’m happy to add, we’ll be showcasing a lot of music from bands such as legendary punk rockers “Marjinal” of Jakarta, Indonesia, gypsy-folk punk sensations “Dakha Brakha” and their sister band “Dakh Daughters” of Kyiv, Ukraine, a long overdue interview and feature on Anti-Flag from Pittsburgh, PA; a rare musical tour of Kingston, Jamaica’s Orange Street neighborhood to explore ska and reggae’s evolution and current status there; Rockabilly music from Bali, Indonesia that some call Rockabali; of course our pals Los Suziox from Medellin, Colombia and lots more unique, off-kilter content, musical and otherwise. Here is a short preview and don’t forget to visit Raw Travel for tune-in information.

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