REUTERS: Ukraine accuses Russian Snipers of Child Abuse & Gang Rape 

Ukraine accuses Russian snipers of abusing child, gang raping mother

Apologies for the jarring headline, but we do no one, especially ourselves, justice when we choose to look away. This was reported early in the war soon after it occurred. Russian propagandists, apologists, and the just plain ignorant, blithely waived it away as western propaganda or “just what happens in war”. It is not propaganda and it is not “just what happens in war”. At least, in most wars.

This is evidence of one of the many horrific war crimes perpetrated against the people of Ukraine. It is why Ukrainians are fighting so hard because it’s not JUST their freedom and way of life they are defending, but their very families’ lives. Atrocities and war crimes should never be normalized and that is exactly what occurs when morally suspect folks, whether in the USA, China, Saudi Arabia, India, EU, or yes, Russians themselves, try to excuse this behavior away by deflecting blame on a non-existent bogeyman.

The blame lies solely with Russia, its leaders, and all people who continue to support or even minimize this horror show of a criminal enterprise land grab.

Here are a couple off the top of my head Aaron Lewis? (of Staind), Tucker Carlson and dozens more. Folks that were safely brought up post-WW II because of the existence of the NATO alliance, enjoying the free speech and benefits democracy allows, and they repay that debt by denigrating the very country that gives them safe haven by repeating disinformation and verbally supporting a rogue, failed criminal state run by thugs and murderers, that would kill or jail them immediately for simply having an opposing point of view. In my opinion, these folks are almost as guilty as the rapists and child abusers themselves.

Don’t like this post. I get it. I NEVER post for likes. I’m posting because it’s the way I feel and this is Exhibit A why.

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