It’s been over a decade since I attended the big Rock Al Parque (Rock the Park) in Bogota, Colombia, but this time, I had backstage access as my pals Los Suziox, were headlining the 2nd evening of the show.

I’m impressed with the organizational skills of the folks who put this on because it’s three days of shuttling scores of bands from hotels to venue, to crowd control, to so many details. It seems a massive effort.

There are also smaller music performances throughout the city. It’s a celebration of all kinds of music but because punk rock is so prevalent in Colombia, punk rock is usually given its proper place.

Agnostic Front was the main headliner and I was honored to meet Vinnie Stigma finally.

Playing with Los Suziox this year was La Muchacha, an incredibly popular and rising indie protest punk and alternative songwriter and musician who collaborated with Los Suziox and others on the excellent “La Violencia

I enjoyed finally meeting La Muchacha Isabela very much who is the real deal. Check her out when you can.

Unfortunately I was at a bad angle to capture her performance very well, so I’ll just include some photos as well as Los Suziox’s performance of “Armas Silenciosas” (Silent Arms), also the Raw Travel theme song. Enjoy!


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