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  1. greetings

    I am a guitarist and vocalist di Karnice Garage streetpunk Hi! of Brazil, and would like to publicize the work of my band and get contacts for shows outside the country

    appreciate the opportunity

    hugs long life Hi!

  2. Hello admin, I’m the bassist Karniça di garage.
    We’re Contagem-MG.
    Arguably, yes playing around!
    Would be very grateful.
    Hugs …

  3. We are the city of Contagem Minas Gerais region of Belo Horizonte.Aqui Streetpunk is the scene most of all mines, will be very welcome aki sure. Hugs

  4. Hello,

    Could you help me and tell me few bar scenes that play Punk Rock, we are a group of Reunion Island (Indian Ocean) and we are preparing a tour in France with dates in the United States, and below Links for You
    Thank you for your help,

    I can put you below a brief biography of Tukatukas group (Punk Rock Reunion Island), as well as several links to give you an overview:

    The Indian Ocean island of Reunion with its volcano, its lagoons, “kaz kréol” and Sega that invites laughter and dance … but yes …

    With … Tukatukas he will laugh more! Their music is nothing tropical: tense of the universe, energetic concerts … No time to breathe! On a swing tempo to 240 bpm, they give us a punk-rock street in stretchers. The compound rarely exceeds 3 minutes, the provisions do not tend to turn up the heat and breaks are only excuses to leave the sauce again. If their sound is now a 70 key gives their music a refreshing old-school side.

    Their lyrics deal with everyday things that affect them (such as drug abuse, pedophilia, sexism …) but please no party politics, they certainly do not want to fall into demagogy and they sing in English not because they have nothing to say but for purely aesthetic reasons (when you hear Laetitia sing, we can only agree!) and they claim to be meeting a rock band, an exception if not the Creole language with a blanket as a tribute to Alain Peters (they still play a song sung in French survivor of the old training: “Send the word”)

    Born in early 2008 from the ashes of the first training was born in 2007, the group now consists of singing Laetitia, Nico on bass, Gerald on guitar, Bruno Julien on drums and saxophone. They are not their first attempt: all officiated in a group before (Nicolas and Laetitia playing with fire “Krisis Deep” on Gerald and Bruno, and the youngest saxophonist Julien they played with many bands in France before Tukas form). This rich experience, their shows are quite striking. No downtime in their games! The parts are connected without bla pushing energy intensity, which gives you an urge to meddle in “Pogo”!

    They produced a CD in July 2012 Produced by Mass Prod and more noise. Registered without re preserve osmosis group. You’ve probably heard immediately if you read this … Tip: Turn off the sound and enjoy the state without dry ice! Cheers! … Burp!

    If you like our music, do not hesitate to contact me!



    Thanking you in advance,

    Emmanuel Lacoye

    President noise More

    tukatukas Manager

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