Punks in Havana bravely open up on camera about their lives and being punk in an oppressive country like Cuba. While we were conducting interviews, the Cuban police arrested one of our interviewees for reasons unknown.

Undaunted by the possibility of arrest and harassment these punks were courageous enough to express to the world what they really think about Cuba, if Che Guevara  was a Punk and their admiration for Cuban punk band “Porno Para Ricardo” and more.

Thanks to my amigos Camilo and Renzo for helping me to get this story out. It is dedicated to all the Punks who proudly and loudly carry on in countries where being a punk rocker can be downright dangerous.

4 thoughts on “Exclusive: Punks in Cuba Speak Out Against Oppression

  1. Porno para Ricardo fucking rocks!!! Punks in Cuba, like anybody that’s in the island’s counterculture has to watch her or his back. Downright dangerous is right brother. Jail, “accidents”… punks in Cuba have balls… and ovaries!

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