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I found this mildly entertaining so thought I’d share it with you.  Good to see something thrive underground besides the same old tired scene of hipsters, cheeze balls & douche bags in Miami these days. It was just one big Will Smith video last time I was there.

Keep up the good work Floyd!

One thought on “Floyd The Rock Artist

  1. To Douchebags and cheezeballs in NYC, Miami and all over this great nation.. I sincerely apologize for the name calling… I’d feel guilty but since you don’t know who you are (doucheebags and cheezeballs think they are cool, when they are not, that is what makes them douchebags and cheezeballs), this couldn’t have possibly hurt anyone’s feelings. The point is/was there actually are some cool things going on in places like Miami, ONCE you get past all the commercial crap and silly south beach scene.

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