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I´m currently in Montevideo, Uruguay and the punk community has been really awesome here.

There is a lot to post about Montevideo and I will next week.

However, this morning there was a big earthquake in Chile. I´m hoping all our friends and their families are ok and am praying for a quick recovery.

I was supposed to fly back to Santiago tomorrow for one night then back to NYC. I was also trying to coordinate an interview with psychobilly mainstay´s Voodoo Zombie, but obviously priorities have changed. Therefore I´m going to suspend posting until I get back to the U.S.

Once again my best wishes and prayers to Mauro, the guys at Rock and Roll Tattoo, Voodoo Zombies and all the nice people we met while in Chile.

What a crazy trip..

6 thoughts on “Earthquake in Chile.

  1. Hi there! We met last friday at “Decibelios”, one of those nice little pubs in Montevideo. We had a small chat about some bands and other stuff. I am glad you felt comfortable among the punk community, and I hope you keep on meeting new people and finding new bands!
    Good luck with your documentary! I’ll come here soon to check out the new photos.

  2. Hi Veronica,

    The punks in Uruguay are some of the best I´ve ever met and I really do love Rudos Wild.. My flight was changed so now I get to go to the show tonight! maybe I´ll see you there.

  3. Hola Robert, nice to read you weren´t in Santiago and you´re safe somewhere. Abrazos form buenso Aires, Tommy

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