With Cabeza from El Ultimo De Los Ramones and Decibelios

Decibelios Club is a punk club run by our new friend “Cabeza” from the well known Montevideo punk band, “El Ultimo de los Ramones”. Earlier in the day Cabeza and Camila from the all girl punk band Rameras Punk were incredibly helpful in introducing me to people in the punk scene in Uruguay, including a couple of legendary bands Trotsky Vengaran and Buitras, who I hope to feature in depth here soon.

The Crowd Gathers Outside of Decibelios

Decibelios is a classic underground venue (the stage area is literally in a basement underground) with a real punk rock feel.

CBGBs in NYC? No! Decibelios in Montevideo

It has two floors and the bathrooms reminded me of the famous CBGBs in NYC. It’s only been open about a year, but its already got some serious history with nearly all the major bands in Montevideo and beyond playing there at some point.

Each night before a show, the crowds gather in the street, socializing and drinking beer, until the shows begin, usually around midnight or so.

This evening Decibelios featured a roster of 3 bands including The Jaguarhouse playing 2nd.

With Jaguarhouse before the show

Jaguarhouse hit the stage around midnight or so and while they aren’t a prototypical punk band, they do have some songs with heavy dose of 70s mixed in with a bit of punk influence. To me, intensity is the operative word when it comes to Jaguarhouse.

Jaguarhouse in action at Decibelios

Here is a video of one of their songs from the evening, so you can feel free to judge for yourself.

More updates on the trip in Montevideo coming soon and for more pics of the evening and The Jaguarhouse, check out www.flikr.com/punkoutlaw

5 thoughts on “Day 2 Montevideo – Decibelios the New CBGBs?

  1. I’m not sure but if you email me at punkoutlaw at aimtvgroup dot com I’ll dig up an email for you. Don’t want to post publicly.

  2. Hey man, my band ALCOHOL FUELED is gonna be touring Central and South America in February… any recommendations? email me back if you can, seems like you are the one to talk to about where the biggest punk scenes are through there!

  3. Definitely Medellin and Bogota – Colombia, Mexico City- Mexico, Guatemala City-Guatemala, San Jose- Costa Rica, Lima- Peru and Buenos Aires-Argentina if you make it that far down. Also almost any major city in Brazil.

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