MONTEVIDEO, URAGUAY – Final Night In South America

Birthday Boy: Peyo from Rudos Wild

My month long trip to South America was coming to a close. My laundry,  too much, too dirty and me tan,but not TOO tan, very relaxed and maybe, just maybe, getting better at speaking Spanish. Clocking in at 30 days on the dot almost, this had been my longest trip ever, a test of sorts really, to see how I’d fare on a trip this far away for this long.

Pros: I was relaxed, I was tan, I had lost 5 lbs (thanks I believe to the natural South American food and a stricter work out regime) and I had made numerous friends and been turned on to the Chile/Argentina/Uruguay punk, rockabilly & psychobilly scenes.

Cons: First, I got sick as a dog in Chile, THEN I threw my back out in Argentina (again) at the gym and could barely move for 3 days, and, ouch, still hurts to think about, in a moment of vulnerability (and temporary stupidity) was robbed of all my video & photo equipment, passport, etc.

Then to top it all off, there was a devastating earthquake in Chile just two days prior to me going back, thus forcing me to reroute my return trip home and canceling a planned interview with Chilean psychobilly band the Vodoo Zombies.

CONCLUSION: It was a great trip.. my only regret being the lost footage and photos (and the earthquake of course).

Camilo of Rudos Wild sporting a classic punk rock stance!

So how would I spend my final day in the deep south of South America? By hitting a punkabilly concert of course!

The one good thing about rerouting my trip meant I had an extra night in Montevideo, meaning I could now attend the much anticipated Rudos Wild concert Sunday night. So I threw on my Rudos Wild T-shirt that bass player Leonardo had given me the previous day and headed over to the Decibelios club.

Leonardo of Rudos Wild sporting a Tennessee whiskey t-shirt!

The concert was also a celebration of lead singer’s Peyo’s birthday, who I think was turning 29, so I knew this would probably be equal parts party and concert. It was a Sunday night so the crowd was a bit smaller than normal, but those who were out were a rowdy, dedicated bunch.

The Rudos Wild fans showed up to support and wish Peyo “Feliz Cumple Anos” (yes, I am aware the little squiggly tilde thing goes over the “n” in anos, but I don’t know how to do it, so happy anus Peyo, which is basically what it means without the tilde).

Sancho of Rudos Wild sporting no shirt

About half way through the set, Peyo had some problems with his guitar but like a true punk and in true DIY fashion, the guys kept going with 2 guitars and Peyo singing lead.They played equal parts covers of Johnny Cash and Social Distortion along with their own unique Spanish songs which range from hardcore to punkabilly to straight up punk. They ended the set with a nice Roots Radicals cover from Rancid which the couple of skinheads in the crowd really got into.

Peyo sans Guitar sporting a Viva Las Vegas shirt

After the concert I hung around outside and shared in some more beer and took some photos with the band and their friends.

After the concert with Rudos Wild & friends (me sporting my new Rudos Wild shirt)

But alas I had to get up early and pack and get ready to head back to the states (and my harsh reality?) so I bid adieu. The guys insisted on helping me get a taxi and stuffed my hands full of Rudos Wild Stickers, a copy of their soon to be released CD (which I can’t wait to listen to) and gave hugs all around.

On the way back to the hotel I couldn’t help but wonder how it was Peyo’s birthday but I was the one who ended up with all the presents.

Because I didn’t have my normal HDTV camera, this video was recorded with my little panasonic digital still camera, hardly ideal sound or lighting.  So please bear in mind when viewing the video.

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  1. Wow!!! You’re right they are awesome. Thanks for posting the video. I checked out their other ones they are amazing! Keep up the good work…

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