Erika in Bogota

I first spotted Erika at the Casualties show in Medellin, Colombia back in December. Believe me when I say she stood out from the crowd.

I assumed she lived in Medellin, but turns out she lives in Bogota and traveled to Medellin for the show rather than see the show in Bogota.

There is a very distinct punk vibe between the two cities and besides Medellin is a great place to visit, nice and green, less congested and easier to get around, so I get it.

On this return trip to Colombia, I interviewed Erika and her friend Leonardo, a big hardcore fan, my first night in Bogota en route to Medellin. Stupidly I had forgotten to take a photo so I asked her if she’d be willing to let me take some photos of her when I pass back through Bogota a week later, and she graciously agreed.

I still haven’t replaced my Nikon SLR camera that got stolen back in February, so I was forced to photograph using my small Panasonic Lumix camera and from the photo feature on my Sony HD Video Camera and both did a good job. But I have a feeling it’s the model, Erika, against the gritty backdrop of downtown Bogota’s La Candelaria barrio that makes these photos decent.

I got to know Erika a bit during our shoot and she’s a lot more than just a pretty punk girl. Not only is this girl a drummer in a hardcore band, she also designs, makes and sells punk and rock clothing accessories (earrings, studded necklaces, belts, etc.) while attending school for communication.

Pretty inspiring! When does she sleep? about 2-3 hours a night apparently. Well that’s cool cause this punk rock girl obviously does not need her beauty sleep. While walking around the streets of La Candelaria in Bogota, there were stares from men and women alike, but the men, in particular couldn’t help but commenting “que bonita, hola mami, etc.” but it didn’t seem to phase Erika one bit.

I guess she’s used to it and she is obviously a strong, independent punk girl. I also guess they don’t see a lot of punk rockers in La Candeleria area, at least not as pretty and at the same time hardcore as Erika. She said she listens mostly to English language punk music (and that’s how she has learned to speak some pretty decent English herself). Some of her favorite bands include The Casualties, The Unseen and Agnostic Front.

For the rest of the photos, check out here set at the PUNK OUTLAW’S FLIKR PAGE.

Anyway, take a look and let me know what you think.

18 thoughts on “Bogota’s Punk Beauty

  1. No la vamos a ver por mucho tiempo creo…es un tipo de cameleon…pero si esta rebonita….

  2. estas divina te veo mas como mujer q como punk pero no importa la apariencia es lo ultimo y apuesto q por dentro eres una podrida jijijijiji

  3. Hi, I’m helping produce a new travel show that is likely swinging through Bogota, any way to get in touch with Erika? She could be part of a fantastic segment.


    – scott

  4. solo punkss d plastiko…panky d plastiko vais a morir solo punks no plastiko…..hasta los pinchos k llevas son punk d plastikoo!

    buena punky hippie! en el chorro y periodistass esso valla a lourdez!

  5. Callese lampara, es que la conoce como para decir que en una Punk de plástico ? Pfff pobre mk si lo cree, es que los punk no nos distinguimos por como vestimos ni como hablamos ni como caminamos ni por ni mierda, únicamente por como pensamos, mas bien no sea lampara, aprenda a escribir y el punk de plastico será otro, lampara !

  6. como criticamos la represion pero la vamos creando al rededor… vive y deja vivir.

  7. ¿Quién te dio el poder de decidir lo que es punk y qué no lo es? O juzgar a las personas que no saben .. Creo que son los poser.

  8. saludos a todos..!
    que putas pasan con ustedes currones de mierda acaso no son punk todos acaso no somos nostros mismos los que nos encargamos de crear rivalidad entre nosotros? vivimos en una constante lucha contra la represion cuando nosotros mismos la fomentamos ! acaso son mas punk ud q lo q estan en cualquier otros lugar? o es q el es mas punk aquel q conoce mas grupos de punk ? q pasa con ustedes ? no han sabido ni dode estan parados por eso es que cremaos lucha en nuestra misma escena por eso es cada dia caen punks en las calle reventados por la ignorancia q agobia ni si quiera caen luchando contra este sistema ni si quiera caen luchando con los represores caen luchando con hermanos q se hacen llamar punk q no son mas que infiltrados en nuestra escena hey el punk no es solo stirpe ! el punk ir mas alla de la locura ! larga vida

  9. Bogota’s Punk Beauty????? ke clase de etiketa es la ke se han inventado ahora? jajajajaja mas bonita se veria kon una kapucha y unas gafas okultando sus ojos

  10. This is my inspiration for my next concert! I’m going to see The Cult at the Roseland Ballroom in New York on August 22 and I want to go all out.

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