Bogota was wet, chilly and traffic was horrendous. Yet  had a productive two days. I’d like to thank Erika and her friend for a great interview last night.

Erika from Bogota

If you don’t remember, Erika is a young, beautiful punk girl who lives in Bogota, plays drums in a punk band, sports a killer mohawk and likes The Casualties, Unseen and other street punk bands.

Unfortunately I completely spaced and forgot to get pics last night, so nothing to show here but a grainy pic of when I first met her at the Casualties Show last December in Medellin. I’m hoping she’ll agree to let me take some pics of her on Monday when I come back to Bogota.

Am in Medellin now and tonight am taping rehearsal of local punk band Lokekeda tonight. I interviewed Cesar last time I was here (December) for Punktology, so this time I’m glad to get to see his band play.

Tomorrow night it’s Los Suziox again but this time I’m interviewing them and maybe even shooting a music video for them as I really like their music and want more people to experience this excellent band.

Oh and hopefully getting together with my amigo from

That’s it for now, stay tuned!

One thought on “Gracias Bogota

  1. Que la pasas bien en Drogota….buscas por Ginger y los Toxicos….son ex Triple X….muy wena banda bogotana.
    En que banda toca la Erika…??

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