Man, I can’t stay mad @ Social D! Even though they bummed me out by refusing to let me interview Mike Ness during their first ever tour to South America, I still love em. It’s unconditional love I guess and the music is good whether I ever get to interview or even meet the man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Ness.

My buddy Rich from Black Cat Entertainment in LA knows how big of a Social Distortion fan I am and he kindly forwarded this video to me on Punk Outlaw’s Facebook page (are you our friend yet?) so I thought I’d keep the good karma going and post on the blog for all to see.

Yup, originally I was gonna head back down to Buenos Aires and participate in the spectacle but it’s a tough trip to do back to back and I’m jamming here in NYC, trying to get business done (and heading to Colombia in a couple days, sposed to be there already!) so I guess shaky you tube videos will have to suffice.

Here ya go.. enjoy!

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