I’ve dug deeper in the punk scene of Medellin, Colombia for a couple reasons. 1) I’m in love with Medellin and as a result am more familiar with the city and the scene there 2) There is a damn good punk scene in Medellin.

As many of you may have read before, I am very high on a band there called “Los Suziox” which roughly translated means “The Dirty”.  While in Medellin last month I went by lead singer, Andres’ house and saw first hand the music studio he had ingeniously installed in his house. I tell you, the heights people go to get their music heard in Latin America puts many musicians (and people) to shame in the U.S.

So much talent in the U.S. can’t make a meeting on time, or return an email promptly but the punk bands in Latin America are killing themselves against impossible circumstances to simply be able to play their music and have it heard.

Well, I believe, Los Suziox time has come. Their music is too original, the lyrics too powerful and the melodies too infectious for their music not to be heard by a wider audience. It’s time for Medellin, Colombia to let their best kept secret out of the bag and share Los Suziox with the rest of the world.

Here is an exclusive interview and segment on Los Suziox. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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