Mikaiah Lei 17 years old - Vocals/Guitar for "The Bots"

Waiting for Bad Brains to play at the Afro-Punk festival last weekend in Brooklyn, NYC I caught this young 2 person band I later learned was called “The Bots” on stage (thanks loyal reader). I caught the tail end of their show, but was  really impressed so thought I’d put up a little clip of their performance.

Anaiah Lei 13 year old drummer for "The Bots"

Turns out the guys are brothers (17 and 13) and are 1/2 Chinese and 1/2 Afro-Caribbean and as you can see, play some pretty vicious music.

If you really want to hear them tear it up and play a pretty cool tune, check out their video for “I Like Your Style” on their website. I will not lie, I do like their style. They have a CD coming out on July 25th.

I have a feeling we’ll be hearing more from these guys for years to come so remember you heard it here first! Enjoy!

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