Medellin, Colombia:

While here I wanted to get you guys some more video from last weekend’s Alta Voz punk festival in Medellin, Colombia.

Here is a flipcam clip from local favorites and my amigos “Desastre Capital” (Capital Disaster). Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “New Desastre Capital Video from Alta Voz Festival

  1. RE: You Tube Videos Punk Outlaw TV

    La explotación y la humillación de la mujer por tu amigo “Punk Outlaw”

    El mecanismo de la violencia es lo que destruye las mujeres, en los controles, disminuye las mujeres y los mantiene a las mujeres en su lugar los llamados.

    -Eva Ensler

    Violación se ha convertido en endémica en África del Sur, por lo que un técnico médico llamado Sonette Ehlers desarrollado un producto que de inmediato captó la atención nacional allí. Enlers nunca había olvidado una víctima de violación diciéndole forelornly: “Si yo tuviera los dientes ahí abajo”. Algún tiempo después, un hombre llegó al hospital, donde Ehlers trabaja en un dolor insoportable, porque su pene estaba atrapado en la cremallera del pantalón. Ehlers se fusionó esas imágenes, y se acercó con un producto que llamó Rapex. Se asemeja a un tubo, con púas en su interior. La mujer inserta como si fuera un tampón, con un aplicador, y cualquier hombre que trata de violación de las mujeres se empala en las púas uno debe ir a una sala de emergencias para que el Rapex eliminado. Cuando los críticos se quejaron de que se trataba de un punishement medievall, Ehlers respondió tersley: “Un dispositivo de Medival medieval hecho.”

    El RAPEX es un reflejo de la violencia de género que se ubitiquitous en gran parte del mundo en desarrollo, causando víctimas mucho más que cualquier guerra. Las encuestas sugieren que aproximadamente un tercio de todas las mujeres golpes en todo el mundo se enfrentan en el hogar. Las mujeres de quince pensamiento cuarenta y cuatro tienen más probabilidades de ser mutilado o mueren a causa de la violencia masculina que por cáncer, la malaria, los accidentes de tráfico, y la guerra juntos. Un importante estudio de la Organización Mundial de la Salud encontró que en la mayoría de países, entre el 30 por ciento de un 60 por ciento de las mujeres habían sufrido violencia física o sexual por su esposo o novio. “La violencia contra las mujeres es un importante contribuyente a la mala salud de las mujeres”, dijo el ex director general de la OMS, Lee Jong-Wook.
    The Exploitation and the Humiliation of Women by your friend “Punk Outlaw”

    The mechanism of violence is what destroys women, controls women, diminishes women and keeps women in their so-called place.

    -Eva Ensler

    Rape has become endemic in South Africa, so a medical technican named Sonette Ehlers developed a product that immediately grabbed national attention there. Enlers had never forgotten a rape victim telling her forelornly: “If only I had teeth down there.” Some time afterward, a man came to the hospital where Ehlers works in excruciating pain because his penis was stuck in his pants zipper. Ehlers merged those images, and came up with a product she called Rapex. It resembles a tube, with barbs inside. The woman inserts it like a tampon, with an applicator, and any man who tries to rape the women impales himself on the barbs an must go to an emergency room to have the Rapex removed. When critics complained that it was a medievall punishement, Ehlers responded tersley: “A medival device for a medieval deed.”

    The Rapex is a reflection of the gender-based violence that is ubitiquitous in much of the developing world, inflicting far more casualties than any war. Surveys suggest that about one third of all women world wide face beatings in the home. Women aged fifteen throught fourty four are more likely to be maimed or die from male violence than from cancer, malaria, traffic accidents, and war combined. A major study of the World Health Organization found that in most countries, between 30 percent an 60 percent of women had experienced physical or sexual violence by a husband or boyfriend. “Violence against women is a major contributor to the ill health of women,” said the former director-general of WHO, Lee Jong-Wook.

  2. I disagree vehemently. I’m involved in a documentary on a specific case of a woman in Dominican Republic who had acid thrown in her face by a jealous ex-husband. I am unfortunately also familiar with the tragic consequences of domestic violence on a personal level as well.

    Too link a VOLUNTARY bikini contest to domestic violence is a stretch and very, very shrill, drowning out legitimate voices on a very serious issue.

    I took the video down because it does not belong on a website dedicated to Punk Music and I also feel it could misrepresent the people and true beauty of Colombia, where there are already too many Gringo tourist who simply go to “party” and find “girls”.

    That being said, my job as a video documentarian is to do just that, document. And to document objectively is to report on things and issues whether they be pretty or ugly to look at, and whether I personally agree with their moral value according to my personal mores.

    People who scream “sexism” and “exploitation” at the mere mention or images of beautiful women dancing, modeling, etc., are no better than people who scream “racism” at every given opportunity whether it is legitimate or not.

    There are legitimate and very serious issues with women’s rights currently going on in the world we need to be concerned with. Extremist views on women’s rights are evident all around us. Women are treated worse than livestock in many cultures around the world (see the cover of Time Magazine last week with a women who had her nose sliced off by her in-laws under extreme interpretation of Islamic law).

    I find that Women in Latin America are not afraid to be women and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact there feels to be something very natural and right with that. I don’t see many women there getting upset at other women who CHOOSE of their own free will to participate in a bikini contest. Perhaps they should be required to wear Burquas? where are the feminist on that issue?

    Latin America has different cultural values than North America and Europe and we should not be trying to shove our culture, morals and values down their throat. They celebrate femininity more than we do in the U.S. Of course there is domestic violence there, just as there is here and it needs to be stopped!

    But to try and draw a correlation between a VOLUNTARY bikini contest in Latin America and the horrific abuse that is encouraged and condoned by too many cultures in the world is inaccurate, shrill and irresponsible and does much more harm than good.

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