I promised more video as soon as I got near a solid internet connection so here we go. As I said in some of my previous posts, the rockabilly scene in Russia is pretty intense. And from the sound of “The Wise Guys” it’s a pretty big scene over in Ukraine as well.

The Wise Guys

These guys were at the Grease Bar in Moscow playing for an appreciative crowd of rockabilly and psychobilly fans who didn’t show any European reserve when it came to the dance floor. They flat tore it up.

Now I’m more of a punk rocker than a pure rockabilly fan… but I am a big Elvis fan and while rockabilly was well before my time, I do appreciate the raw musicianship of bands like “The Wise Guys” to play authentic rockabilly music.

Check em out as they play this little Elvis ditty “That’s Alright” to an enthusiastic rockabilly crowd in Moscow.


PS Any drummers or bass players in the South Florida, USA area, hit me up with a comment on here. I have a myspace contact in a punk band that could be looking for your skills!

5 thoughts on “Exclusive Video: Ukranian Rockabilly from Moscow

  1. By the way, you should go to the Ukraine one day. Psychobilly & Rockabilly movement is very intense there & American citizens do not need visas to enter. I don’t even say how beautiful Kiev-city is.

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