Before we head to Uruguay and Argentina to reconnect with our punks friends, we have an update for you from Medellin, Colombia, our current home base.

At Battle of the Bands

This past Saturday was picture perfect day for punks and my new hood, Barrio Laureles was the spot.

There was a battle of the bands just down the street from where I was staying and while I’m really bummed I missed the all female hardcore/punk group “Insurgentas” (Insurgents), I did see some of the other talented bands and it was pretty first rate, if not necessarily punk.

Tequila was involved

Later that evening my good buddy Andres O’Campo from Los Suziox invited me to catch a rehearsal of his side project, a punk cover band called “The Rockadores”.

"Insurgentas" getting ready!

Happily for my lazy ass, this was also in Barrio Laureles and within walking distance so I grabbed my camera and headed over.

Rehearsals in Medellin can be fun

Most of the crew from the rehearsal had been at the Battle of the Bands all afternoon and as you can see by the photos, tequila was involved . For the record I successfully declined numerous invitations to take some shots from the bottle being passed around.

Andres from Los Suziox plays bass and sings for "The Rockadores"

This had nothing to do with hygiene. I got over that little issue a few trips to ago when the Latin punks would grab my beer, take a big swig, pass it around to another punk I hadn’t even met yet and then return it to me half or a quarter full.

Working Hard

No, my restraint instead had to do with shooting tequila in the middle of the day after a long night out with little sleep. And maybe, just maybe, with the fact that, yup, I am getting older and just can’t hang like I used to.

Paisa Punk Power

Anyway, if I took a shot of liquor every time a punk offered it to me, you’d probably never see another post on here again.

The Rockadores

Unlike me, however, these guys can hold their liquor and despite the tequila drinking the rehearsal was pretty damned tight and as you’ll see everyone from some old timer, gnarly punks to some much younger (and decidedly prettier) punk paisas enjoyed the private show.

Out of focus? Blame the tequila.

Here is a little video clip of mi amigo Andres and his amigos from “The Rockadores” at rehearsal.

Be you young, old, pretty, ugly or in between, I hope you enjoy!

We’ll check back in with you from Argentina.

3 thoughts on “Medellin’s “The Rockadores” Have It Covered

  1. Remember me?

    I´m Juan Fernando Subero from Medellín Colombia, a friend of Andrés Ocampo (I have a tatto on my lips… heheh)

    This page Is great… you should do it in spanish too… I was thinking of doing a blog like this, doing a blog like this, so I was looking for people from different cities and countries to write for the website…

    Think about making the page in Spanish …

    Sorry for my english… I hope you can understand

  2. Hey Juan,
    Unfortunately my Spanish is horrible but that is a good suggestion.. we are in the process of adding a google translation language page that will make it easier for our non english speaking/reading audience. Thanks amigo..

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